Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
Jul 3, 2018 1:22:19 PM

Chart Topping Charter

The new WFA Global Media Charter is good news for the industry and not just for its detail list of actions and obligations.

The World Federation of Advertisers has launched a Global Media Charter and we believe that it’s something that could change the industry.

Launched at the CMO Global Forum in Cannes, the document is not just a point of view but an action list for all sides of our industry.

Those eight principles that make up the Charter are: zero tolerance for ad fraud with compensation, strict brand safety, minimum viewability thresholds, transparency throughout the supply chain, third-party verification and measurement, addressing walled garden issues, improving standards on data transparency and improving the user experience.

These are eight points on which we totally agree but we also like the way this document is presented, the eight principles are clearly defined and articulated and the requirements of partners and the commitments of advertisers are all detailed.

But what’s equally impressive is the list of people already supporting it. The Charter contains the names and pictures of some of the really senior marketers who have contributed to the creation of the document.

This senior backing is inspiring for us all and it’s good to see the likes of Coca-Cola, Diageo Mastercard, VW, Unilever, Deutsche Telekom and others all getting behind the Charter.

This is a really good group of people championing simple principles and it’s is to be welcomed.