Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
Sep 20, 2017 2:24:52 PM

Facebook v The Census - Who Got It Wrong?


On this episode of #MediaSnack we look at the strange continuing case of Facebook's measurement mess ups. This time some nifty journalism and analyst work reveals that Facebook's audience tools are claiming significantly more people as users than exist according to census data in 9 major countries. This is especially acute in the "hard to reach" and expensive young demographics of 16-34.

The baffling this is that at a time when Facebook needs to build trust and integrity in its own measurement, under pressure from major advertisers to open their tools to external verification, it continues to be making basic errors and not flagging overstatements itself but waiting for someone external to do the very basic maths. And what on earth was every single media planner on the planet doing accepting Facebook's own reach data for their planning purposes, have we not learned to question Facebook when it marks its own homework, would expect better of the agency community to be holding a major vendor to better account.

On this week's Good Week Bad Week we celebrate the amazing earn out of the 4 founders of Adam & Eve, the agency bought by Omnicom 5 years ago. The A&E chaps pocketed a cool £110 million in total for their agency. Also good week for Campaign Magazine which not only discovered the Adam & Eve story but shifted from a weekly to a monthly this week with an impressive first edition. Bad week for fans of a simple life, Apple brought us too many new phones to think about and probably left themselves open to major criticism and competition by just obsessing about adding features, are people actually asking for these? We fear Apple may have finally stopped listening to their users entirely. Not a good week for those keen to keep feature fatigue at bay....