Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
May 24, 2012 1:04:35 PM

Get The Benefits Of An Agency Pitch, Without A Pitch


"You only really get what you want by calling a pitch"

"Our agency need a kick up the back-side"

"We have become a low priority for the agency"

"We need to put our media costs out to competitive tender to lower our pricing"

Some of these comments may be familiar in marketing and procurement departments around the world. And all of them are frankly terrible reasons to put your business up for review.

At ID Comms we do manage agency reviews (also known as 'agency search and selection') so you'd imagine that we like the fact that some clients see a pitch as a cure to the symptoms. Whilst we do manage excellent and accountable reviews when needed, we find that there are often far less disruptive ways of getting what you want from your agency relationships.

First, lets make it clear there are of course a few very legitimate reasons to pitch your business; 1. You don't have an agency or the type of agency you need, 2. your needs have significantly changed or 3. you have tried to adapt your current relationship with your agency to address your new or changing needs but perhaps have failed. If you are in one or two of these situations, then you really need to read about our innovative Search & Rescue Search & Selection approach to help identify and appoint the right agencies for your needs. If not then do read on, and if you know of other pitch scenarios then add them below please.

So, we find that some procurement and marketing leaders we talk to describe symptoms of their problematic relationship with an agency, rather than the cause, and for which a full review is not necessarily going to be the best cure. With that in mind we've been developing a series ofbest practice guides to help marketing and procurement leaders with objectives and ambitions for better management of their agencies.

The first one of these you can find below on you can visit on SlideShare. The aim is to enhance the productivity of the media (or creative or digital) agency relationship in a few simple steps.

Avoid The Pitch - IDComms

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