Nick Barron
By Nick Barron
Jun 7, 2019 1:27:43 PM

How To Select A Media Consultant

Using an experienced independent media consultant to support  your media management processes will pay dividends for companies, no matter their size.

For smaller businesses with limited expertise in-house, the benefits are very obvious, but even larger organizations with strong in-house talent will benefit from objective outside counsel.

The support that a media consultant can offer ranges from reviewing your operating model, how you measure and manage value, to managing your key performance measures and ultimately selecting the right media partner or partners.

A media consultant has unrivaled exposure to current best-in-class practice and can support transformation programs from the moment of conception all the way to building the business case for change and implementing it.

Selecting your consultant:

Process is key when it comes to selecting the right media consultant to support your team.

Clearly, location and category experience are obvious hygiene factors but it is also critical that your partner can clearly demonstrate their objective, independence, and indicate advisory services.

They should show a clear understanding of your challenges and a passion for your business, as well as a clear understanding of the role media currently plays in the organization.

The right team will be able to provide relevant references and case studies of work they have done on similar projects.

Finally, in a landscape that is  rightly focused on transparency, they should also provide absolute clarity on the fee structure and invoice processes.

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