Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
May 15, 2013 6:47:15 PM

ID Comms - 2013 Summer Intern Programme


We’re looking for the final 5 interns for this summer’s intake.

If you (or someone you know) is a school leaver or graduate keen to get some valuable experience in marketing management by working with ID Comms consultants for a few weeks over the summer then please get in touch with us.

What is involved:

We will offer a number of 2-4 week long internal placements

We will only take on 3 or 4 interns at any one time

You will work with us 4-5 days per week

The type of interns we are looking for:

You are an 18-26 year old (or thereabouts) and strangely passionate about marketing

You love brands and the process of marketing

However, you understand that at ID Comms we don’t market stuff ourselves, we work with brands to make their own marketing processes better.

You have an ambition to work in marketing or in a creative or media agency one day

You want to understand the media business from an objective consultant point of view, which is quite interesting

You have a practical interest in marketing (perhaps either aspiring to study marketing or you are in the process of studying it)

You maybe want to get a picture of what different marketing service companies are out there and their differences beyond looking at their websites.

You want to learn from seasoned global media experts

You definitely want to work hard, contribute, make a difference and achieve things

You maybe want to get help finding a suitable job with a good reference from us

You are able to get to and work in Shoreditch, London

You want to make new friends and contacts in the industry

Still keen…? Here’s the deal:

You spend 4-5 days in the office with us.

You work for us 3 days per week on client projects or our internal initiatives and learn about how the company works and what clients want. For the other 1-2 days of the week you get to work on your own stuff.

If you are writing a dissertation, essay or just have some good ideas you want to incubate and get some expert opinion on you can do that with us, on our time

You can use our resources; we will help you find information and opinion.

On those days you can come in, you have a desk, use the wifi and phone, drink lots of free coffee and get lots of friendly help and opinion.

That's the pretty much it.

The financials:

We will pay your basic expenses (travel and lunch) for the days you work in the office, including the days you are doing your own stuff.

If you use your own mac / pc (rather than needing us to provide you with one) we will pay you an additional amount per week as a thank you.

How to apply:

Send ONE page CV to Tom Denford (

Include a paragraph in your email on what you want to get out of an intern placement with ID Comms. Be honest.

Include any relevant links to profiles / work you have online, such as blogs etc.

About ID Comms:

ID Comms Ltd is a media consulting company with strategy and innovation at its heart. Based in Shoreditch, London, we are leading providers of media solutions to companies that need access to first-class media expertise in flexible and cost-effective ways.

ID Comms provides high-quality media resources – from specialist talent to innovative processes and tools – that increase value, optimise performance and improve accountability for international brands.

Here is a video about ID Comms:

We are innovating rapidly in the media consulting space and ID Comms is therefore an exciting and vibrant office with a strong work ethic. We have clear goals for success and will reward people who can share our passion and commitment.

Tom Denford, Founding Partner, ID Comms


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