Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
Apr 2, 2020 12:15:00 AM

ID Comms issues guidelines for advertisers during Covid-19

This policy is designed to help advertisers who are in the middle of an agency pitch or planning one for 2020, to make decisions regarding the possible impact of COVID-19.

Pitches typically involve many people, on the advertiser side and at the competing agencies, so the most import thing is to be decisive about how to proceed and then communicate your decisions clearly and consistently.

We have divided advertisers into 4 groups to help you easily identify which situation you are in and then how to proceed with your pitch in the best way.

In all scenarios, agency resource is likely to be stretched so we recommend to all advertisers, certainly continue with your pitch or your pitch plan, but be mindful to keep briefs simple and extend sometime lines to account for remote working.

download ID Comms Pitch Policy during COVID-19