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By Nadia Shchipitsyna
Apr 30, 2016 1:51:57 PM

#MediaSnack - April 2016


Each week we will give you a tasty, bite size tour of some of the most interesting stories, letting you know just what you need to know and providing our expert perspective where we can.

ID Comms #MediaSnack - Get your fill each Friday, in just enough time it takes to eat a sandwich!

#MediaSnack Ep. 18: K2 "interrogate" Tom, Event panel revealed & will Snapchat win? - ID Comms TV

On #MediaSnack 18 we are celebrating our (lucky) 7th birthday as ID Comms, yes we launched on April Fools Day in 2009. Just like Apple Inc did in 1976....

On the show today we first consider the K2 Intelligence assessment that is ongoing in the US as part of the ANA's look into potential media rebate practice in US. Tom shares his experience of being (pleasantly) interrogated by the K2 team in New York as ID Comms supported their process of data collection and analysis.
Also we reference Tom's article on the subject in this week's Campaign magazine. See link below.

Next, continuing the theme of trust and transparency we review the headline results of the recent ID Comms 2016 Media Transparency survey, the report from which will be published next week. If you'd like a copy please get in touch, @idcomms
Following this survey report ID Comms is hosting an exclusive invitation only panel discussion on 15th April in London to build on these insights. Tom and David reveal who will be sitting on the stellar panel, including Bob Wootton from ISBA and Iain Jacob the CEO for the new Publicis Media operation across EMEA.

Finally we review the recent product updates announced this week for #Snapchat and consider how they might be getting it right to rapidly build out their user based and attract valuable media dollars away from Facebook. You can find and follow Tom on snapchat at denfordtom.

Next week we will be doing a special birthday Q&A - David and Tom will answer questions about the industry, the ID Comms business and what they see trends in media for the future. Please leave questions in comments below or tweet @idcomms - many thanks for the great questions so far.



#MediaSnack Ep. 19: Q&A on media, brands & how to design a media agency - ID Comms TV

On #MediaSnack 19 we are doing a viewer Q&A, answering your great questions about everything from the best brands at media, how do brand’s secure a competitive advantage in media, if we were to set up an agency what would it look like and, interestingly, which is the least transparent media holding company (thanks for that question...). Thanks for all your questions, we weren’t able to answer everything, the best ones we will carry over and do another Q&A next month.



#MediaSnack Ep 20: A win for Publicis, Sorrell FT Interview, Indie agency PoV on Trust - ID Comms TV

On #MediaSnack 20 we discuss news that the newly formed Publicis Media has marked a significant new business win in the UK, picking up Asda supermarkets UK media and creative business which have been handed together to Publicis UK. There was no pitch, the entire £90m ($130m) account was awarded without a review, meaning Carat UK have lost a significant and long standing client which will be a blow. Its good news for Steve King, Iain Jacob and the new Publicis Media team as they work to launch their new agency proposition, with a big UK advertiser now validating this will give them a huge boost.
Next up Tom details his time spent at the recent FT Digital Media Conference in London, paying special attention to a fireside-chat interview with WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell, he talks about the scale of the group’s media buying, what he thinks are their differentiators from other agency groups and finally makes a bold statement about the likelihood of further consolidation of agency groups.
Last up we bring attention to a great piece in Campaign written by Jenny Biggam founder of independent media agency The 7 Stars, she follows up on the transparency and trust issue, referencing the recent ID Comms research and gives marketers her top tips on how to improve transparency levels with media agencies and hopefully rebuilding trust over time.



#MediaSnack Ep. 21: Marketing and procurement need to make a big decision now

On #MediaSnack 21 we get rather excited by Alexandra Buell’s most recent article from AdAge in New York. In it she brings attention to principal-based media buying approaches, its well worth reading if you currently (or ever intend to) invest any money in media in the US. The piece highlights (the perfectly legitimate and legal) practices by media agency groups buying media inventory at their own risk, in advance of client requirements and then selling it on to clients for an undisclosed profit. The client has to typically sign away rights of transparency in order to gain potentially cheaper media inventory. We consider the implications of this practice, how it blurs the lines further of what an agency is (as per Irwin Gottlieb’s comments at ANA’s Advertising Financial Management Conference in 2015) and how it might lead to significant changes within agencies as they decide how transparent they are going to be for clients. We look ahead to this year’s Advertising Financial Management Conference which takes place in two weeks time.

Next we discuss that last week CNBC launched in-house agency called Catalyst under the leadership of Max Raven the SVP of CNBC Internatioal. We had a chance to attended the launch event where CNBC also announced a new TV series called "Marketing. Media. Money." which will feature industry leaders discussing current trends and issues of the marketing business. Launches 5 May.

Finally, this week we are pleased to hear about a new media agency global network comprising independent agencies into one force. Local Planet is a network of local media agencies. We consider the benefits, opportunity and challenges of such a business and why it's a welcome addition to a heavily consolidated agency landscape.




#MediaSnack Ep. 22: ISBA special - Championing the issues that keep advertisers awake at night

On #MediaSnack 22 we are joined by Mark Finney - newly appointed Director of Media and Advertising at ISBA. Mark talks about the important role ISBA play in championing the key immediate and future facing issues concerning the advertising community in the UK.

Mark shares his perspective on the main initiatives that he has inherited from his predecessor, the legendary Bob Wootton and also highlight the topics that he's looking forward to addressing in the future.

Next, we couldn't resist discussing the recent launch of the new ISBA Media Framework Agreement. This media contract template attempts to provide greater protection to ISBA members in their contractual dealings with their media agency partners, it will looks to redress the balance in favour of the brands. Here at ID Comms we are excited to have been part of the working group who contributed to this new agreement and look forward to improvements in media transparency as a consequence of it being implemented.

Finally, we discuss the upcoming ANA Financial Management conference in Florida next week, and whether the ANA will have any new juicy bits of information to share with the industry regarding the rebate investigation that has recently concluded.




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