Nadia Shchipitsyna
By Nadia Shchipitsyna
Aug 19, 2016 2:00:00 PM

#MediaSnack Ep. 39: How To Win A $3bn Client


We start this weeks episode with news that Tom was included in a new documentary film, commissioned by Campaign magazine, about trust and transparency in the advertising industry. Tom appears alongside industry leaders including Martin Sorrell CEO of WPP, Cindy Gallop, Claire Beale editor in chief of Campaign, Keith Weed, the CMO of Unilever, and many others.

The documentary explores the theme of trust, why it's needed and where it's missing. It's well worth a watch.

Getting into the #MediaSnack episode we discuss news from America that investigations firm K2 Intelligence as well as media auditor Ebiquity we have launched media contract services specialist companies following their collaboration on the ANA media transparency report published in June. For K2 specifically this is a very new service, and makes sense for them to leverage their knowledge and insights gained from the ANA #rebategate work. For Ebiquity, they are partnering with lawyers Reed Smith to offer a contract management service.

We ask what the scope these companies will fulfil for marketing organisations and consider whether any conflict of interest might exist by grouping this spread of scope into single companies.

Next, we discuss news that telecoms giant AT&T has awarded it's $3 billion US media account to agency start-up Hearts & Science which you may remember was the agency set up by Omnicom in 2015 to pitch to Procter and Gamble which it won.

For Hearts & Science to win AT&T is media account is a huge endorsement of that agency model and means WPP lose between 50 and $100 million revenue to a business with currently only one client. This also means that Hearts & Science ranks as one of the leading agencies in the US having only been in existence for less than a year. Very impressive.