Nadia Shchipitsyna
By Nadia Shchipitsyna
Feb 29, 2016 1:39:19 PM

#MediaSnack - February 2016


#MediaSnack Ep. 10: 4A’s Guidelines, Sony pitch results, Facebook’s Q4 results

On #MediaSnack Ep. 10 we hit double figures and look at the brewing angst between the US agency trade association the 4A’s and their US advertiser trade association counterpart, the ANA. They were both due to collaborate on a joint task force to address accusations of media rebate practice but they have fallen out a little and the 4A’s raised the temperature last week by issuing their own guidelines without aligning with ANA. Cue the ANA (rightly) criticising the 4A’s for going “rogue” and issuing incomplete guidelines. We look at the facts and analyse the 4A’s output. Next we try to make sense of the very complex Sony media review results which began to trickle through, it looks like a massive win for Mediacom. Or is it? We uncover more confusion. Finally we think about what might be driving Facebook’s stellar numbers from their Q4 reporting. We ask "is it sustainable and will it last"?




#MediaSnack Ep. 11: "Fatal February", OMC Q4 results, Guest transparency question

On #MediaSnack Ep. 11  we look ahead into what’s likely to be another busy pitch year and echo the sentiment made by Charles Courtier (global CEO of media agency MEC) that this volume and scale of media pitching could be “the new normal” for media agencies. We offer some helpful tips and advice to CMO’s, in another crowded pitch market, what can brands do to stand out and make sure that agencies are making their pitch a priority and focusing the best talent, resources and value to their brands. We take a review of Omnicom Group’s Q4 results and look at the behaviours and movements behind the numbers, programmatic media buying revenues are driving 25% of their total group growth and we expect Omnicom to shortly announce details of their 3rd media agency network, which if you remember, was prompted by the recent big P&G media win in the US in 2015. Finally, we hit 100 subscribers (yay!) and as promised we invited our lucky 100th subscriber to ask us a topical question. The winner was Simon Peel, Global Media Director at adidas who asked us a great question about the hot topic of media transparency.



#MediaSnack Ep.12: Publicis lose $900m Walmart, Transparency & Trust, Media jobs

On #MediaSnack Ep. 12 we reflect on some more bad news for Publicis Groupe’s media operations in the US after Walmart one of the world’s largest advertisers shifts $900m media billings out of MediaVest without a pitch. Its unclear who will be Walmart’s new media agency. But this represents another big blow for Publicis Groupe as it is in the middle of an expected restructure of its media operations. Pressure is on now to stop the losses and start winning business. Next up we consider the meaning of Media Transparency and argue that the conversation needs to get back to a higher level, with advertisers and agencies committing to rebuild trust. We also announce the launch of the ID Comms 2016 Media Transparency Survey which will seek insights into how marketers view transparency and how important that is to built trust and more meaningful and productive working relationships. Finally, we respond to a viewer's question about how to get into the media industry and we think about where we would want to work if we were to start over…



#MediaSnack Ep. 13: WFA, 2016 Media Transparency Survey, #MWC

On #MediaSnack Ep. 13 we hear from David about his recent trip to Paris where he presented to the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) Sourcing Forum. The WFA represents the interests of the worlds leading brands and the Sourcing Forum is a very impressive group of the worlds most influential marketing procurement leaders. David explains the work ID Comms has done with WFA to research different marketing operational structures. The Paris meeting follows a similar session in NY back in December 2015. A white paper of the results will be published by WFA shortly.

Up second, we discuss the launch of the ID Comms 2016 Media Transparency Survey which looks into how the myriad transparency issues might be affecting trust between advertisers and their media agencies. It will also give insight into which areas of transparency might be most influential in building trust. We are interested in transparency as an aspirational business principle rather than something toxic. Leading up to the ANA's findings of the investigation into media rebate practice in the US, The ID Comms survey will hopefully provide some constructive additional context.
Please participate in the survey, links provided below. Closes on 4 March.

Finally we discuss news reports that some major mobile network operators are considering providing their users with network wide Ad Blocking technology, allowing customers to have better control over how ads are served to mobile devices. It's an interesting move. Certainly users are fatigued with poor quality, intrusive ads on mobile. It's a good challenge back to the advertising community. It coincides with Mobile World Congress (MWC) happening this week in Barcelona. One notable keynote by Sir Martin Sorrell highlighted the gap between mobile's share of global ad spend (6%) versus consumer media time spent on mobile (25%). Agencies want to reduce that gap, the mobile networks might have something to say about that!




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