Nadia Shchipitsyna
By Nadia Shchipitsyna
Jan 30, 2016 6:28:04 AM

#MediaSnack - January 2016


In 6th episode of #MediaSnack you’ll be delighted to know that we discuss absolutely nothing at all about #CES2016, BUT we do talk about matters closer to home such as Recma’s nicely presented report on the results of 2015 #MediaPalooza and how that has affected the agency groups’ performances. We also highly recommend reading a long post on Medium by our friend Mikko Kotila  of who gives 8 awesome predictions around Ad Fraud in 2016, a must read for any marketer spending money on digital advertising and wondering where their money goes. Finally, we respond to a viewer question about Daily Mail Group’s financial reporting which shows that they “set aside” £26m ($40m) to pay rebates to UK media agencies, this is about 7% of their ad revenue and for the first time gives an official benchmark to UK press rebates.




In 7th episode we pick up further on the idea from #MediaSnack Episode 6 of media vendors wanting to create direct deals with brands and how that can benefit brands, especially for partnerships which go beyond a basic media buying relationship. We review an opinion piece written by Ebiquity about #MediaPalooza2015 which questions why $30bn of media pitches didn’t change anything in the landscape and we end with our (somewhat opposing) thoughts on GroupM’s acquisition of The Exchange Lab, an independent programmatic technology company which now isn’t quite as independent as it was.




With the big game just a few weeks away we will consider :

- why the Super Bowl is still considered such a powerful advertising opportunity for brands in the digital age?
- how does the Super Bowl work from a media perspective?
- what does it cost to buy a spot in the Super Bowl?
- who are the major Super Bowl advertisers this year?
- we consider why do brands prize Super Bowl spots so highly?
- how have brands used digital and social channels like YouTube and Facebook to extend the impacts and views of their Super Bowl commercials? We will meet Stephan Schwarz, Business Analyst at ID Comms who gives us some of the social media numbers and trends behind the Super Bowl advertising.

Finally, we look at the good and bad of Super Bowl advertising and consider why this is such a one off event and not something which raises the bar of brand communications consistently across the year.



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