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By Nadia Shchipitsyna
May 31, 2016 3:50:26 PM

#MediaSnack - May 2016


Each week we will give you a tasty, bite size tour of some of the most interesting stories, letting you know just what you need to know and providing our expert perspective where we can.

ID Comms #MediaSnack - Get your fill each Friday, in just enough time it takes to eat a sandwich!

#MediaSnack Ep. 23: ANA announces its "Big Four Concerns" for US Media

On #MediaSnack Ep. 23 we go live on Google Hangouts whilst Tom and David are in different countries. Tom is reporting live from the ANA's massive Advertising Financial Management conference in Florida.

The big highlights of the conference are the ongoing concerns over media transparency, the CEO of ANA Bob Liodice sets out his big media concerns and updates the 700 assembled marketing procurement clients on the progress of the K2 Intelligence investigation into media rebate practice in the US. He also interviews Michael Roth, te global CEO of IPG one of the world's leading marketing services companies who (in contrast to the same conference last year which featured GroupM's Irwin Gottlieb) took questions from the audience and seemed very open to discuss matters especially around transparency. His bold claims of IPG's openness on this area are refreshing but he fears all agencies will be "tarred with the same brush" if the K2 report is damning on agency practice.

Next, we look at some clouds gathering over another smaller agency group called MDC in the US who have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons again. Last year their CEO was forced out amid an expenses scandal that saw him having to repay $21m back to the company he founded. This week they are in the news again because their struggling stock has been shorted by a notorious investor, betting against their future growth. We consider the implications of this and wonder what parallels may be drawn.

Finally, we announce the first in a series of Webinars on Media Transparency as a follow up to our very successful Media Transparency survey and report published last month. In next week's webinar we will talk you through the results and give more analysis and commentary about the data you need to know. If you have any interest, whether as a client, agency or anyone else in the topics of trust and transparency around media then please schedule an hour next Wednesday to join the free webinar. It will be worth it.


#MediaSnack Ep. 24: The most hated man in media

On #MediaSnack 24 we look at breaking news that drinks giant Diageo has launched the first 'mega-pitch' of the year putting their $2bn media account up for tender and sending a shock to incumbent agency Dentsu Aegis Network who have held the account (within network Carat) for many years. Could this indicate a change of fortune for DAN who have had a strong business performance the last few years? Looks like Diageo will be the first major global brand to really stress test agencies organisational model and financial model this year. David discusses what he would be thinking as a Diageo exec and the likelihood that this pitch is prompted not just by financial imperatives but also a desire to design a new blueprint for media agency scope and service.

Next we talk about “The Most hated Man In Media” the one and only (and infamous) Mr Jon Mandel, the ex-CEO of MediaCom in the US who was arguably the catalyst for the current ANA media rebate investigations and task force after his revealing presentation at the ANA’s Masters of Media conference in 2015. His recent interview with Nic Christensen at Mumbrella makes for entertaining reading (unless you’re a media agency CEO I expect) and Jon raises some new perspectives worth reviewing. It ends with a sad indictment of media agency management that they risk "killing the industry" with their short-term thinking, we are inclined to agree.

Finally, we mention more talk of trust and transparency from two industry stalwarts, Keith Weed the CMO of Unilever and Michael Roth, CEO of IPG who in the last week or so have both made public statements on the importance of trust and Transparency to their respective businesses. We also link to the recent ID Comms 2016 Media Transparency survey and Media Transparency webinar, check them out.



#MediaSnack Ep. 26 - She OWNS a cool media agency

On this week’s #MediaSnack we meet with Jenny Biggam, co-founder of The7Stars which is one of the UK’s leading independent media agencies. We discuss The7Stars' innovative approach to media agency structure, her perspective on the current discussions and concerns over Media Transparency and how Jenny has made Talent her focus as leader of the company.

The7Stars launched in 2005 and in the last decade has grown to be crowned Media Agency of the Year in 2015. We discover the secrets to their success and how they have intentionally differentiated themselves from the "big agency group" community by focusing on client service and a single P&L approach.

Jenny shares her thoughts on the upcoming ANA media rebate investigation, due to publish imminently in the US and also comes out in support of ISBA's new media contract template initiative which other agencies have been rather sceptical about.

Finally, we touch on Media Talent and how her agency manages to attract, motivate and retain good people. The7Stars has one of the best (lowest) staff churn rates amongst all agencies and they've been rated by Sunday Times as one of the best companies to work for, many years running. Jenny shares some of the innovative staff policies such as limitless holiday, which keep her people engaged and motivated, which sounds counter intuitive.




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