Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
Aug 22, 2012 2:40:06 PM

No Photocopier: Interning At ID Comms


Hannah recently joined the inaugural ID Comms intern program. Here she explains  how she found out about the internship and why she jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with the team at ID Comms over the Summer…

Fresh out of school, I spent 9 months working for Accenture as part of their gap year internship scheme and am due to start at the London College of Communication next week on their Foundation course, specialising in graphic design. This sentence usually brings out a stunned silence, from both “city” and “creative” types. Normally, branded as one or the other, the concept of being a bit of both is apparently unheard of. The mention of acronyms like DWP, SLAs and KPIs around my friends brings as much of a strained attempt to hide blank faces as telling colleagues that LCC is where the likes of Neville Brody, Jefferson Hack and Rankin started their careers.

This is where ID Comms starts to come in...

Marketing and advertising: The two words that are thrown at you by the school career adviser if you’re mildly creative, generally quite sociable and clearly not going to be pinned into a profession.

However, what these things mean and more importantly, how to decipher the blur of advertising, creative, media, marketing and communications agencies is unexplained. I decided that this summer I would try to find out, and perhaps find some way to bridge the gap between my first job in technology consulting and my future education in visual creativity.

After almost two weeks here I can safely say that the fog is starting to clear.

Tom, David, Michael and Matt have all taken the time to explain to us everything from the overriding arc of media down to some very specific or even unanswerable questions. 4 o’clock on (almost) everyday calls for teatime, an hour where we all sit down and talk, whether its Luis’ ambition to be a copywriter, my venture into the unknown, the value of Facebook and anything else that comes to mind or interest. Just absorbing what both the ID Comms team have to say and the comment from Luis, Larry and Susy, has been so interesting and useful.

Alongside their time and interest in us, one of the most important things as an intern is being given something relevant to do. There is no endless photocopying or sorting the mail at ID Comms. We are all working on a live project and it is satisfying to know that we are making a valuable contribution as well as learning along the way.

There is no better way than figuring out marketing and whether it is for me, than actually ‘doing’ and that is what ID Comms has allowed not just me, but I think all of us (the interns) to explore.

Hannah Green

If you are interested in being a part of a future ID Comms internship programme, get in touch with us.