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Apr 21, 2017 11:44:15 AM

David Indo on media pitches, e-auctions and more

In the past two years, major brands, including P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Volkswagen and McDonald’s, have gone into review with more than $30 billion in media billings, giving rise to the term ‘Mediapalooza’.  

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Apr 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to write the PERFECT media brief

What DOES it take to write the perfect media brief?

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Apr 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The NEXT step for Programmatic

Despite all the noise and negativity around programmatic, the narrative is slowly changing. Advertisers understand that programmatic is a marketing technique not a technology.

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Apr 5, 2017 11:00:22 AM

The truth about TAG

P&G’s Marc Pritchard recommends that advertisers demand all media vendors to be TAG certified. Jim Lawenda reports from ID Comms New York on what that means and how it will reduce ad-fraud.

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Apr 3, 2017 11:05:16 AM

We Don't Need Brand Safety, We Need Brand Care

Right now, many marketers may be asking themselves – and their agencies – why their brand messages appear next to offensive content. The answer is pretty simple. Because your company and its partner arrangements are set up to allow it and perhaps even encourage it to happen.

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Mar 27, 2017 9:08:00 AM

How to be as smart as P&G

Not everyone has billions of ad dollars with which to drive change across the digital landscape but all brands can embark on the same journey as P&G.

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Mar 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When AdLand Left YouTube

On this episode of #MediaSnack (not that anyone in adland will see it having decided to boycott of YouTube), Tom and David sink their teeth into the big juicy story that won't go away, the ‘scandal’ of Google allowing advertisers to be placed against extremist and unsavoury content.

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Mar 13, 2017 9:44:21 AM

Marc Pritchard’s call to action on media transparency

The winds of change were blowing hot in Orlando as the world’s most influential marketer called on all advertisers to ‘make the commitment now to come together’, says Tom Denford, chief strategy officer at ID Comms.

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Mar 7, 2017 6:58:34 PM


For the second time in a month P&G’s marketing chief Marc Pritchard has called on fellow advertisers to take action. And this time he’s told them how to do it and avoid the “head fakes” as Tom Denford explains.

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Mar 2, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Change Metrics To Change Media

If media is to change in 2017 then the way it’s assessed also needs to change. That means better, more relevant metrics, measures that reflect how media can add value to a brand and drive business success. 

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