Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
Sep 19, 2012 2:50:29 PM

The Secrets Of A Modern Agency Pitch


The Modern Pitch - ID Comms

There is a lot of criticism around about agency reviews, mostly questioning what the benefits are. Its true there are lots of stories of the bad pitches (usually with confused briefs, subjective and un-transparent processes and often overly focused on driving down the unit cost of media) but usually less written about the better stuff out there.

I thought it might be helpful to share with you a little snapshot of our ID Comms best practice for managing what we call The Modern Pitch. Media has evolved so dramatically over the last 15 years but we are always surprised when we hear tales of outdated pitch processes, ugly documents, subjective scoring and clients being advised wrongly about what a pitch is for and how to manage them in the digital age.

This is just a taster; if you are responsible for managing a media agency relationship and  are considering whether a review is needed you my want to read our ID Comms Best Practice Guide on 'How To Avoid a Pitch' first. If a review is required, we can then advise you in more detail of some best practise you should consider.

Generally, we advocate using independent professional help in managing media agency reviews, especially where they involve complex client stakeholders (multiple business divisions, markets or regions). For most companies their media spend is a significant proportion of their overall marketing budget and a sizeable investment for the business, which naturally demands high levels of rigour, diligence and an accountable and transparent processes. A race-to-the-bottom on costs doesn't really deliver that.

Download ID Comms Best Practice Guide - How to plan a media agency pitch

Enjoy the Secrets of the Modern Pitch.