Tom Denford
By Tom Denford
May 31, 2012 1:51:28 PM

Three Ways To Pay A Media Agency


A week or so ago we announced the updated version of our Guide to Agency Remuneration, released first for iPad.

The whole book is now available for your delectation and inspiration on SlideShare.

It illustrates our ongoing efforts to innovate the client-agency relationship. Features of the updated version include:

  • The context of how to incentivise agencies and why it is important to get it right
  • The 3 main models of agency remuneration, from which most remuneration terms are built
  • IDComms 5 new rules for Modern Remuneration
  • How to run a modern agency review with innovative remuneration terms
  • A modern, value-based compensation model
  • Guaranteeing media neutrality
  • Improving rebate transparency
  • Media procurement advice
  • Relevant media quotes and best practice for managing media agencies

Enjoy it. Let us know any comments you have.

Guide To Agency Remuneration - ID Comms